Machine Aerobics Volume #6: Shoulder Training and the Smith Machine



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Machine Aerobics is an exercise concept that claims to work with any form of exercise training or training equipment. So far you have only seen examples on the Smith Machine. This is because the Smith machine is so versatile. You can train your entire body in so many ways if you get to know this machine. As I introduce you to the application of this concept on other machines you will begin to understand.
Use the concept of Machine Aerobics to learn more about any machine while learning more about you. This entire program is about you. It puts you first. It doesn’t matter what stage of training you’re currently at. There are only two things you can do. You can do better or you can do worse. If you are not doing better you are not doing Machine Aerobics.
This book "Machine Aerobics Volume 6" [Shoulders and the Smith Machine] is loaded with shoulder exercises that will give your hands a break. Your shoulder will become aware of their true capabilities. The definition and concepts of Machine Aerobics are included in every volume. They are that important. The simple concepts of this program will have you wondering why you never thought of exercising in this way. Practicing this way of exercising will create excitement in you. It will also excite you to create.
This book was not written for me to train you. It was written for you to learn how to train you. It was not written for you to think about looking like anyone else. It was written for you to think. You will not have to imagine how you will look. You will learn look how you imagine. Don’t buy this book to make me feel better. Buy this book because it will teach you to feel better.
Do wait to follow the crowd. Exercise your individuality. Be among the first to learn Machine Aerobics!


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